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Sulawesi Rantekarua Estate Micro Lot

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Cupping Notes: Hint of molasses, licorice, and cocoa powder, sweet, smooth & bold

Roasted:Light French

Facts about this coffee:organically grown, high mountain

Sulawesi is the same Indonesian island that was formerly known as Celebes, and you'll recognize the characteristic full-bodied and sweet flavors in the cup.

This coffee is named for the mountain on which it is grown: Rante (or Mount) Karua. It's higher grown than most Sulawesi coffees, at over 8000 feet, and fully washed, which is also unusual for this region. Not only is it high grown, but it is remote, and this coffee goes through a four hour drive over unpaved roads to the processing plant. Before it appears in your cup, it has been on a remarkable journey.

What is a Micro Lot?

It is a very small lot (from five to 100 bags; usually about 40 bags) from a single farm that has been deliberately set aside from other coffee because it has a top-notch, 85+ cupping score. Most micro-lots come from a single farmer, but they can also be the "cream of the crop" from an estate or cooperative.